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August 12 2014


Perfect Prom Dresses Made Complete with Treswhite by Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

To find a dentist that distributes Treswhite, consumers can call Ultradent at 866-672-5764. Average cost through dentists is approximately $100. Ultradent's mission is to continually improve the quality of dental health care and make dental procedures more hassle-free.

new york evening dress

About Ultradent

"Treswhite whitens all teeth, both front and back, in just 60 minutes a day. And to help add the finishing touches to a dazzling dress and truly stand out on prom night, Ultradent, a leader in tooth whitening, now offers Treswhite by Opalescence, the latest product in the Opalescence whitening line.

Treswhite features easily adaptable trays without the need for impressions, molding or lab time. is the worldwide leader in the development and distribution of technologically advanced dental materials, devices and instruments. For more information, visit Opalescence's Web site, www.opalescence.com.. The inner whitening tray conforms firmly to each curve and angle, applying its preloaded prescription-strength whitening gel to every part of the tooth.

Ultradent Products Inc. Immediate results can usually be seen after the first few days," said Mather. "And it is the first hydrogen-based bleaching product to have a pleasant taste, coming in mint and melon flavors."

"Whitening is one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways to achieve a great smile for prom night," said Mather. "And studies have shown that having a great smile is an important factor in obtaining confidence."

get more

"The dress is the first key component when preparing for prom and the second step should be ensuring you have a beautiful, white smile to complement the dress," said Jenny Mather, Opalescence creative director. "Purchasing a prom dress can be a costly investment, which is why it should be just as important to invest in yourself.

As with all Opalescence products, Treswhite is available through dentists worldwide. SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 17, 2005--As prom approaches, the search for the perfect prom dress has begun. To whiten, individuals simply bite into an outer tray that transfers a form-fitting inner tray onto the teeth

August 11 2014


Things Not to do on your Prom Night

But that does not mean you should be intimidated into making out as well - for being intimidated into anything is simply not cool! If you think you are ready, then go for it. Choosing the right prom dress is an issue that should be dealt with utmost care and concern. But even as you do approach your date, be sure you both want this and are comfortable about it - and also be sure her parents are not around!

new york evening dresses

The Make-up

Play it Safe - A Common Word of Advice

Things Girls Should Not do on Prom Night. (You do NOT want to get in trouble with your Dad...!)

Always remember one thing - BE YOURSELF. Know your body type, and select a dress that will highlight your pluses, and tone down your minuses.

The Prom Night

Things Guys Should Not do on Prom Night

The Kiss

Dancing gives you the opportunity to be in close proximity of your date. Your date asked you out based on what he saw of you on a regular, daily basis - not after he saw you dressed for prom. of course, keeping your budget in mind. If you are not used to wearing heels, buy a pair that has small heels. This may be her first time dancing with a guy - make sure you don't put her off. Have fun!

The Footwear

The prom dress is the single most important thing of the night. If you are used to wearing heels but do not know how to dance in them, practice a few weeks ahead of prom night. If you putting your hand around her waist makes her go stiff, it may be because she is not liking it. Go ahead only if you are BOTH sure you want it. The kind of make-up you apply should accentuate the natural beauty that you are bestowed with, without making your features look too loud or in-the-face. Your friends may all have been talking to you and ranting to you about how they plan to 'do it' on prom night. Be sensitive.

It is prom night - so there is surely going to be some dancing. On the other hand it may even be because she is simply nervous with anticipation. She said 'yes' to you, so you are definitely special. Do not wear stilettos just because 'you wear stilettos to prom'. Make sure you make her feel special too by planning a wonderful fun-filled evening. At the same time, do not use shades that are too light and will make you look pale. If you do, there is not much that can go wrong, for only you know best, what your heart desires. Do not try to dramatically alter your clothing sense; there is nothing that puts a guy off than a girl trying too hard to impress. Do not use shades that will be a clear mismatch with the color of your prom dress and other accessories. And you are faced by the one question that makes every guy nervous - should I kiss her or not? If you have been observant enough, this won't be a hard one to answer. Have faith in yourself and be confident. Keep it simple, elegant, and beautiful.

Remember how your Dad always said - march to the beat of your own drum? It applies in every walk of life - including the prom night. You spend the entire year looking for things that will make your prom night perfect and really special, and as it approaches, you wonder if you will have that perfect kiss that will make your foot pop! But in the sheer excitement and anticipation of the night, you may mess up things for yourself and your date. But that does not mean you get too close for your date's comfort. Find out your date's favorite color, flower, whether she likes the idea of a corsage or not. The color and style of the footwear should complement that of your prom dress and not clash with it.

Every girl always dreams of a perfect and special prom night. Do not select a pair of sandals or heels that will make you uncomfortable and queasy while dancing. But do educate yourself, and be prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. Do not do anything in the spur of the moment, or just because everybody is doing it; and don't be pressurized into anything. Try to read her face and body language. Also be sure to use a nice perfume that will keep you feeling refreshed through the night.

The Dance

So everything has gone the way you wanted it to go - you had a great time, a great dance, and a great picture clicked with your date, and now it's time to see her off. While looking attractive is important, make sure to not look like a wanna-be! Wearing a particular prom dress pattern just because it is in vogue is never the right thing to do as it can unnecessarily make you look bad. Do not let on-the-spur decisions shape your prom night! Plan and execute. Do not be shy. Balance the use of different colors on your face. You don't want to be just holding your drink and standing at the bar, wondering what to do next. Also be careful to pick the right kind and color of lingerie to go with the dress - especially in case of a light colored and/or tight-fitting dress.

It's the one event every high school boy/girl looks forward to, from the very first day of school - prom night. Be meticulous and plan the evening of her dreams... Chances are, she may say 'yes' - but do not be discouraged by that. Ask her - 'Am I getting too close?', 'Do you feel uneasy?'. Here are a few tips about how to make your prom night absolutely perfect.

While applying make-up for the big night, remember three words - simplicity is beauty. Use those shades that will suit your skin tone and blend in with it. Make sure you give her just that. Otherwise it is never a good idea.

The Dress

new york prom dress

The key to having a great prom night is to go by your instinct


Connecticut Teen To Be Arraigned In Prom Day Stabbing Case

Organizers are seeking donations so the junior class can buy a memorial bench in Sanchez's honor.

The stabbing occurred Friday morning at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, hours before the school's prom, and authorities are investigating whether Sanchez was stabbed after turning down the boy's invitation to the dance.

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"His family is devastated not only for him, but the youngster who was killed," Meehan said." It's a terrible situation all the way around."

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Police haven't released the suspect's name, but people who saw him taken into custody identified him as Chris Plaskon, a friend of the victim, 16-year-old Maren Sanchez.

Sanchez, a member of the National Honor Society who was active in drama and other school activities, had been focused on prom in the days before her death. She had posted a photograph on Facebook of her blue prom dress and was looking forward to attending with a new boyfriend.

Plaskon's attorney, Richard Meehan, says his client is being held in a hospital under psychiatric evaluation and will not appear at his arraignment, scheduled for Monday in New Haven.

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) -  A 16-year-old student faces arraignment on murder charges in the stabbing death of a classmate at their high school on the day of the junior prom.

Classmate Imani Langston, who saw Plaskon being read his rights and taken away in a police car, said Sanchez and the boy were just friends and had never dated.

People who know Plaskon said he is an athlete and described him as genial and respectful.

Mark Robinson, a technical education teacher who saw the suspect being taken out of the school in handcuffs, said Plaskon is the third of five brothers and has a good sense of humor. His family has deep roots in the community, Robinson said.

"There's no reason to suspect he would have done this.

Connecticut's chief medical examiner said Sunday that Sanchez died of wounds to her torso and neck.

new york evening dresses

Milford Alderwoman Greta Stanford said the school would remain closed Monday. A memorial service is scheduled for 7 p.m. on the school's football field. I think that's what makes it harder," Robinson said.

Plaskon is charged as a juvenile but Meehan has said he expects him to eventually be charged as an adult.


How To Choose A Suitable Prom Dress

Thus they decide depending upon that what they can wear for any party for that matter that will make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

How should they choose a prom dress?

Fire things you do not want in the prom party is that no one else should wear similar prom dress as yours. There should be ready options available at hand. Like if you have thin waist, then select a dress which is fitted from the waistline as it would look more beautiful than the dress which is loose fitted from the waist.

About the Author:

Robedesoireefr.com propose toutes les sortes de robes de soire pour tous les budgets et vous assure une trs bonne qualit. You can even choose strapless dress as they too would help you out in looking stylish and attractive.

If you are petite girl then you should select a dress which has short hemline. Different girls have different choices about prom dresses. Short dresses look more proper than the full-length gowns. Prom dresses have a lot of style that you can choose. Yes, this can be arranged well in advance to prevent embarrassment in the party.

Go online for more varieties

Though you can hit mall and shop for your favorite prom dress, it is a tedious job to commute to the place and the things alike. Sheath dress is the best choice as it would tightly hug to your body and thus would flaunt the body curves properly. Your prom dress should be selected as to convert it into an elbow length sleeves and a matching jewelry at the eleventh hour. Colors like purple, orange, brown, blue and red are some good choices for prom dress. You can choose yours too in the line of celebrities to give you that extra edge over others.

If you have light skin tone, then it is advisable that you choose medium-dark or dark colors as they can make you look more beautiful. You will be entitled to avail fabulous discounts too on your online purchase. You will no doubt have a celebrity status because of your prom dress that is so very different from the rest and yet identifiable as the sweetest prom dress ever. To make the dress look more beautiful, you can choose halter neckline, deep-v neckline or sweetheart neckline.

Pick a dress which would help you out to flaunt the plus-points of your body and would hide the flaws. White and black are versatile colors for prom dresses and you can select any of these two.

If you have pear-shaped body then you should select a prom dress which would help you out to hide lower part of the body. Sheath dresses or the dresses which have ruffles are good choices as they would make you look taller than what you are. Light and pastels shades look ok-ok and so should be avoided. Even A-line dress, Ball gowns or some short prom gowns too would look gorgeous on you. Well, though not much can be done if two girls wear same prom dress, one can choose wisely and even can place order for personalized prom dress.

In this personalized prom dress, you can eventually choose your own style and your own psyche running faster than wind you will surely land up with some fabulous design that no one else will wear.

Simple yet elegant vintage prom dresses Faviana may suit your demeanor better than the latest stylish prom dresses. Try out different dresses which suit your body shape and skin color, so that you can select the best dress out of all and look more gorgeous and beautiful.

Dont ruin your fun in a party

After all precaution if someone else wears similar prom dress as yours, you shouldnt fret. However, if you are a net savvy person, going online for your purchase is always more beneficial.

Also, you tend to get many more varieties in online prom dresses shops than in malls. Well, no doubt, you can change your style and presentation as per the latest trends.

The girls today are aware of what is going on in the fashion market and what is in and what is out. That will take away the essence of your style. Off-shoulder or one-sided shoulder dresses too look good.

If you have hourglass body-shape, then you dont have to worry at all, as most of the prom gowns would look good on your body. Pick some solid color dresses which have some lace stuff or embroidery or belt just below the bust line as they would make you look more beautiful. To look beautiful with Empire-cut dress and A-line dress, you should select a neckline which is broad or deep. The long skirted gowns are all time favorites even among celebrities. You can always hunt for the best suited robe de soire online. Does it well in advance and you will rock in the party. Colors which should be avoided are orange and brown as they can make you look darker. Just wait and watch for your amazing prom dress to arrive at your doorstep.

get more

Your prom night is special. Little imagination and fast actions can transform your life into fairy tale!

. Yellow, pink, light purple and pastel colors look good on dark skin tones. Si vous tes en train de chercher une robe de soire, une robe de bal qui mettra en valeur votre belle silhouette comme les modles empire, a-ligne, babydoll etc, notre boutique est votre meilleur choix.

I am sure that you will Very concerned about your prom dresses in a prom night if you are a teenage girl. Like deep V-neckline, sweetheart neckline or boat neck would be nice as they would flaunt your upper body and make you look gorgeous. Toutes les robes sont faites sur mesure et les frais dajustement sont gratuits. Empire-cut gowns and A-line dress are good choices in this case as this would hide your broad waistline and lower part of the body. If you have dark skin tone, then you should choose dresses which are light in color and not the ones which are dark in color


Florida school board nixes idea of dress code for sloppy parents

-  An unlikely proposal to create a dress code to sway unkempt parents from showing up at school functions was quashed Wednesday.

Five board members spoke in opposition. Board member Rosalind Osgood said parents were showing up wearing sagging pants, pajamas and rollers in their hair and that a policy pertaining to their appearance might be appropriate, too.

"I think we're going in a terrible direction to even talk about this," said Frank Barbieri, vice chairman of the board.

Both Brill and Osgood insist they've heard nothing but support. But the suggestion was met by nothing but dissent from other board members during 12 minutes of debate and showed no sign of being resurrected.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. "Are they going to have school police arrest parents?"

"I think sometimes we have to pause to think about how we are attired," she said.

Brill opened the discussion expressing surprise by the attention generated by her comments -- evident by the bank of television cameras recording her words.

Debra Wilhelm, president of the Palm Beach County Classroom Teachers Association union, said addressing parents' dress was far from being the most important issue facing schools, and she questioned what effectiveness a policy could even have.

"I'm not asking them to wear three-piece suits or prom gowns or anything like that. Broward County has taken no action yet.

"Who's going to enforce it?" she asked. None came to Brill's side.. I'm just asking them to be presentable," Osgood said.

"We say that parents send the best children they have to school. Well, guess what? Kids send the best parents they have too," school board member Debra Robinson said.

new york prom dresses

The idea originated just south, in Broward County, where the school board was considering changes to the student code of conduct. The meeting Wednesday was not open to parent feedback, but Brill got an earful from her colleagues.

The discussion spurred by Karen Brill, a member of the Palm Beach County School Board, generated national interest for turning the tables on adults, who for generations have nitpicked children's appearance.

"I want to make sure that every school is inviting to parents," board member Marcia Andrews said. "And whatever they're wearing is secondary in my mind."

No vote was taken in Palm Beach, but the proposal appeared unlikely to be revisited


Prom Hairstyles That Complement Your Prom Dress

Oval shaped faces, can totally pull off front poofs. However, if you are wearing a chunky necklace, then go for an updo.

First off, you need a prom dress that helps accentuate your best body features. There is not point if you wear your hair down here, its gonna look like you are wearing a spaghetti dress. Prom makes you feel as the most beautiful girl on this planet. Play with hair, you are gonna figure out awesome hairstyles by yourself !

Here you are subtly showing off your skin. You have to select your prom dress depending on the type of your body figure (hour glass, inverted triangle etc).

# You don't have to stick with these rules, they change when you add more accessories to your outfit.

# If you are going for sophisticated look, go for sexy Straight hair

New York Prom Dresses

New York Evening dresses

Here, you have lot of options.You can pull your hair to a side or do a half updo and let 2-3 strands fall in the front of your neck (do not overdo this, because its gonna end up looking all suffocating). I hope they might help you.

After selecting your prom dress, now you got to select the right hairstyle. And that's the way you need to step out of school, feeling confident, beautiful and mature about yourself.

# Go for soft side swept look. This helps show off your beautiful off shoulder dress.

So, what are you wearing for prom this year? I'd love to hear!! :-)

# Voluminize your crown for a dramatic look.

This article is about prom hairstyles that suit your prom dress. So, it's important to strike a balance.

Off- shoulder dress

Here we go...

Here are some useful tips:

Strapless dress

# Try to keep bangs out of your face.

Prom is an occasion that every girl wants to look her best. The idea is to balance all elements. For round faces, go for side swept look to avoid looking chubby.

Other tips

. Like if you wear an updo with a strapless dress, it's all going to be your neck and shoulders. Indeed, you HAVE to look beautiful. The idea is to balance out all the elements, accentuate your body features and your dress. So, you can wear your hair like a messy updo or like a back ponytail

August 08 2014


This Year’s Hottest Prom Dresses are Handmade and Come with the Chance to Win $50,000 in the ‘Own Your Look, Own Your Future’ Prom Contest

"Creating a prom outfit is such a great opportunity to show your creativity and talent. We're excited to offer students the chance to win $50,000 for expressing and sharing that creativity."

The contest is open to students ages 14-19 through June 15, 2011. The contest is void in Maryland and Vermont due to state regulations.

New York Evening dresses

From deciding who could be the perfect date and styling hair just right, to finding a sweet pair of shoes and shimmering makeup, it's all in the details this year. Once again, teens have the chance to 'Own Your Look, Own Your Future,' in this contest that encourages students to make a prom outfit for the opportunity to win $50,000 cash. For additional information, visit www.Joann.com.

HUDSON, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Prom - it's one of the most-anticipated events of high school and Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is ready to add to this year's excitement.

Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available: http://www.businesswire.com/cgi-bin/mmg.cgi?eid=6614702&lang=en

"Whether your style is short and sassy or long and elegant, we have all the materials you need to make your fabulous prom garment, as well as the experts to help you along the way," explained Michelle Christensen, vice president, general merchandise manager, at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. Today, more than 750 Jo-Ann stores across the country provide consumers with creative inspiration. Information and rules can be found at Facebook.com/Joann, Joann.com/prom, and in any Jo-Ann store. Students can take these ideas and head to Jo-Ann for all the tips, tools and materials to turn them into dream dresses.

About Jo-Ann Stores, Inc.

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores (NYSE: JAS) the nation's largest fabric and craft retailer with locations in 48 states, was founded in 1943 as a single retail store. And, of course, the dress! Inspiration is all around - starting with the celebrities at this season's red carpet events and featured in the pages of the must-read fashion magazines. What could make a better ending to an already awesome evening?

August 07 2014


Prom Gowns with Unique Style and Looks by Top Designers

Prom dresses stores have the diverse collections that comprises of different styles, colors and sizes. These websites also provide the tips and write-ups, comment etc to aware the users for the prom gowns.. The Prom costume or prom gowns make the every woman feel like a queen in the party. In fact, such dresses enhance the beauty and elegance in a woman.

To get such dresses there are various companies and boutiques which are available in the country that provide such unique and beautiful collections. Every woman has different features and unique style. And to make them unique and different and even colorful, prom gowns play an important role in it. Such type of unique and different dresses makes every woman look stunning and beautiful. And women are always associated with elegance, uniqueness and simplicity. Therefore, customers can pick up right dress, shoes and complimenting accessories from the boutique also. Such websites provide various information concerning to the partners and the quality products cum fabrics sourced from the branded companies. These registrations are done after the payment is made. The top designers from the fashion industry are associated with such boutique prom dress stores. Such unique dresses providers need registration for the customers. As doing the registration with the boutique keep the prom gowns registered after the purchase. Therefore, customers can be assured for the quality, reliability and durability of the prom gowns. In Prom gownsstores the sizes are available from 0 to 22.

new york prom dresses

new york evening dresses

The boutiques and the companies that manufacture such prom gowns fabricates by the quality threads and under the observation of quality controllers. Feeling like a queen and looking like a queen feels unique and different.

Beauty is always associated with the women. And for the dresses which are required to design for them must be unique and completely different like prom gowns. Therefore, the similar design, style and the color gets registered in the name of yours making yours prom gowns unique. Therefore, fabric and fittings will definitely catch all the eye balls in the party. All these can only be achieved if the some is thinking prom gowns. From the website you can have the clear picture what type of style and the trend these boutiques following to provide prom gowns in the market. So visit online to know more about the unique dresses for the party.

newyorkdress prom dresses

These companies also provide websites where you may look some of the design for the prom gowns


Why are prom dresses, for the most part, so tacky?

Unique vintage promenade dresses even have an oversize assortment for decisions, as a result of it will trace back even to 20s or earlier. Some designs were extremely widespread in this time, like reformer vogue in 20's, and that they square measure still most well-liked by some girls



Where to Buy 1950s Style Prom Dresses and Petticoats

Traditionally the 50s prom dress is worn with a full petticoat underneath the skirt, which gives the skirt fullness, texture and a lovely floaty movement.

Due to the popularity of 50s prom dresses, there are a number of styles on the high street. Dig for Victory specialises in using vintage fabrics, adding to the authenticity of their styles. They also sell belts, hair flowers and petticoats to complete the look. The popularity is understandable, as this style is utterly feminine, flirty and fun and can be styled in many different ways.

The other option is to shop for vintage, although to find good 50s vintage is difficult and you will need a good eye for the right thing!

Brighton based company Dig for Victory also provides a range of 50s style prom dresses, as well as other 60s styles such as romper suits. Be sure to check the sizing though, as due to the use of vintage patterns the sizing comes up very small.. There is one for every budget, so here are some shops that have some in stock, that are worth checking out:


There are a number of brands who reproduce 1950s prom dress styles, often using original patterns and reproduction fabrics or vintage fabrics.

new york evening dresses


Stop Staring!

During the Autumn Winter 2010 season, the 1950s silhouette returned to mainstream fashion, taking inspiration from the popular television show Mad Men.

Rose & Co

Bettie Page

Petticoats are often available to buy with the dresses or in the same shops, alternatively there are a number of dancewear shops that stock them and a few indepedent stores that make their own.

50s style prom dresses have consistently had a place in the fashion market, often popular with Burlesque, Pin-up, Rockabilly and Goth subcultures, who like to draw inspiration from vintage styles. Vivienne of Holloway provide the 50s prom dress in cotton and silk satins, in patterns such as polka dots and anchors. Their prices are very affordable and offer a made to measure service for very little extra money!

Tara Starlet

Beautiful 1950s Prom Dresses on the High Street

The Popularity of the 1950s Prom Dress

Mad Men 50s Style DressesThe 1950s prom dress is traditionally a fitted bodice, which flares out at the waist with an a-line or circle skirt. This trend for a 50s prom dress has fed through to the high street, making this look more readily available.

Where to Buy Reproduction 1950s Prom Dresses

New York Dresses


If you can't find one you love, you are not looking hard enough! You could always try learning dress making and make your own?


Vivienne of Holloway is a London based brand which makes 50s reproduction clothing, including prom dresses, dungarees, shirts and skirts. Louis Vuitton and Prada were key brands showcasing this look


How to look good for a prom

To shorten the process of looking for an elegant prom gowns, no matter what they are cocktail dresses, homecoming dresses, formal dresses, you can make a decision as to what color, pattern, hairdo, shoes, and accessories and so on.

I recommend the natural makeup look for a prom, according to a prom fashion trend.

new york prom dress

Prom makeup

Prom dresses are what all you have to consider about. Your makeup ideas have to go with your prom dress colors, prom dress styles, and your skin tones, so go to salon and get some makeup idea from your fashionlist.

New York Evening dresses

Read prom hairstyles magazines as often as possible. Creative prom hairstyles ideas are filled with magazines, the internet, and professions.

Prom hairstyles

. You need months to prepare for a prom dress. 80's prom dress, modern prom dress, elegant prom dress or corset prom dress, each of them takes you time and energy to judge, choose from. Go out shopping and searching for the outfit on the internet. Picking a dress just a night before prom is too risky


Prom dresses | Womens Max

Prom dresses | Womens Max

Prom dresses

newyorkdress prom dresses

A-line Beaded Sweetheart Short/Mini Organza Homecoming Dress – $116.99 – Boutiquehomecomingdress.comA-line Beaded Sweetheart Short/Mini Organza Homecoming Dress - $116.99 - Boutiquehomecomingdress.com


Prom dresses | Womens Max - Miss Pool

You need to enable Javascript.

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Pinned onto dresses

New York Dress

August 05 2014


Nikita’s Prom Dress | ooobop

Not least of all a fit of the giggles.

walking barefoot in Fulham Palace gardens

simplicity 3823 sewing pattern

But what joy. An awful condition which means she has to take very strong medication to keep awake. Fitting mostly. And no tears this time. I'm so miffed I missed out on todays events. I quite forget how many Jessica's one took! I've learned not to be scared of cutting into the fabric. I've learned one hellofalot in this last year. Inside the bodice is self lined with the red satin. After all you can't make for one without the other can you?!

It was such a relief when her school confirmed the prom would actually go ahead. Everyone was gutted for her. Especially knowing how hard Nik has worked throughout her last school years... despite being asleep for most of them! Normal teenage behaviour you might assume but no, unfortunately for Nikita she suffers with narcolepsy. Inspired by Nikita's leaning towards a Marilyn-esque dress.

Nikita prom dress title pic

Nikita wearing prom dress at Fulham PalaceI think by now you have the right to safely assume that Mr Ooobop, AKA the lovely Daniel Selway has been behind the creation of these blinding photos!

back of prom dress bodice

new york evening dress

The back of the dress is genius in design. I just love the effect that is created with the gathered netting over the liquid shiny satin.

ooobop prom dress in the parkI can honestly say that this dress is testament to everything I love about sewing. This little beauty only took two fittings. and to breathe!

Nikita wears ooobop prom dress at Fulham PalaceThe dress itself is fashioned from the same materials as Jessica's, only in stronger colours. Mummy Tina was delighted to see her daughter have the best time in her new dress, Daddy Tim was very happy that I'd fulfilled the brief of a 'modest' dress and we are all so happy with Daniel's outstanding photos.

Portrait of Nikita

. What an absolutely pleasure to have another opportunity to make such a special dress. I knew to pin section by section and I knew to baste... ever!

And lest I forget! There are the now signatory and obligatory 10 metres of soft-as-you-like dotted tulle that adorn said circle skirt. Its a good medium weight and gave the dress some necessary structure whilst not losing out to optimum swishy drape for the skirt.

Up until a few weeks ago, all Nikita's dreams of her school leavers prom were wiped out when her school declared no funds for such frivolities, after all, this year. But then a little panic set in when I realised I had a couple of weeks to pull off the dress.

The halterneck bodice section is Simplicity 3825. It has a wonderful elasticated panel which keeps the bodice fitted nice and snug with no gapes. Not only about what I get out of the whole deal but what everyone else gets too. Nikita loved her dress and I feel so honoured to have made an original number for her. Nothing is going to hold this little lady back!

Jessica doing Niks make up

In the apple orchardAnd the talents didn't stop there, oh no. Of that I am sure. Lots of things trigger a collapse.

Helped by a scorching summer's day and the beautiful setting of Fulham Palace, he has blown me away once again with his amazing self-taught skills.

prom dress front

Nikita will do well with whatever she choses to do. I knew what to expect. Nikita's lovely sister Jessica did such an amazing job of her make up for the prom and also today before the shoot. Slogging away in an icy office when I could have been out on location with the dream team in Fulham Palace!

The skirt is a full circle, of course. One can't pose over street vents if the skirt doesn't rise above one's head! But actually a more demure pose was to be found next to a water fountain in the grounds of Fulham Palace!

I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat and welling up with pride as I sit poised to write this post. Meet Nikita, the sister of Jessica who was the lovely recipient of my first ever hand-made prom dress.

I basted a layer of the dotted tulle over the bodice pieces and treated them as one for the outer pieces. Learned how to be honest with measurements, how to be brave with fabric choices and mostly that I CAN make a dress befitting of a princess!

By the fountain at Fulham Palace

Oh just look how divine her smile is!

walking away, barefoot

Nik modelling dress by the wooden door

Nikita sitting by the fountain in her prom dress

I've had this pattern in my collection for some time and I'm so glad it came into good use.

I reprimanded her dad recently, for his insistence on telling jokes one after the other but Nikita assured me it was fine because his jokes were so rubbish! She has the best S.O.H. Red Duchesse Satin and Black polka dot tulle.

So thank you girlies, for making a crazy sewing lady so happy and thank you Daniel for making my blog so pretty and thank you lovely readers for making it all worth it.

I knew there was another one on order, a year ago


Prom Perfect Accessories

A shorter black shrug jacket can match well with a black dress, yellow, or it can create a classic accent when paired with a bright pink dress.

When well-chosen and unique, accessories will elevate your prom experience, making for the perfect evening event.

newyorkdress evening dresses

How to Find the Perfect Prom Gloves

Purses for Prom Night

Evening Wrap

Glove Passion.com - This online retailer has an array of styles in every style imaginable.

. If you can choose a shawl with a intricate lace design in the back for a plain dress this can extend the appeal of the dress. Lace glove designs in black will create a Victorian appeal, whereas pairing them with a short dress will create a older NYC chic look that's sure to be a fashion standout.

AnnaBellagio.com - This website has color clutch designs starting at $24.00.

PromGirl.com - This site has a unique selection some with a more structured box design that will look super gorgeous in-hand.

EveningElegance.com - This site features styles for $10.95 that fit every category of wear and color.

How to Find the Right Shoes for Prom

Endless.com - When you arrive on-site, locate the search box and enter "glitter pumps." Prices start at $30.00.

PromShoesBoutique.com - This site has some outstanding styles for choice looks in today's hot trendy and strappy styles.

Every decision should be made with care in order to perfect the look of the evening. Open toe, closed toe, laced or tied at the ankle, or a more traditional pump style are all available in a wealth of colors and heights. This gorgeous shoe covered in silver or gold sparkle is prom perfection. The key accessories for prom are shoes, purse, gloves, and an evening wrap. No accessory point for prom should be an after-thought!

Gloves offer an elegant touch and they create a tone of old world elegance. The purse size for prom in general should be smaller. The clutch option, a smaller bag with a longer shoulder strap, or a small hand-held bag are all good options for prom night. This season has outstanding array of strappy heel choices that are prom perfect. If I had to choose one perfect shoe look this season for prom that would be perfect for any color, length of style of dress I would choose the glitter heel look. The following sites feature an array of evening wrap styles:

Gloves that are a shade lighter or darker than your dress color can create a beautiful look. Shorter shrug jacket designs in a white mink color tone can frame a emerald green dress, a royal or neon blue one or a deep red dress. They signal that the wearer has a coordinated and complete approach to style. If your dress is pink, you can contrast your accessories in black for a classic look or choose a darker or paler pink tone in your accessories to stand apart.

Choosing Accessories of the Perfect DressProm accessories add an element of glamour to your look. Black and white gloves are the most common options, but a look beyond these two obvious approaches unveils some noteworthy options.

Online shopping options for your prom purse:

A hint for long evening shoe wear: bring along a pair of slipper flats to put on for end of the night dancing. These accessories will poise your prom night for perfection.

You can view these shoe looks in every price point and design at the following links:

Purse choices for prom should be centered on a few things: size, color, and strap feature. The purse color can either match or contrast your dress. For example, if your dress is green, you can choose pale yellow accessories (purse, gloves, and evening shrug with a gold glitter shoe) to perfect your look. If you choose a contrasting purse color, you can color match all of your accessories to contrast the beauty of your dress. You can also match your gloves to your purse color, thereby creating balance in your outfit. A magically perfect shoe for your magnificent night.

Shoe choices for prom night are the icing on the fashion cake. Well-chosen accessories frame the beauty of the perfect dress with class. Heel height at 3 inches is perhaps the most practical for comfort, but with practice and dedication it is possible to spend the night on 6-inch heels with style.

Shop and online browse glove styles at:

If your prom evening will be cool or you are wearing a sleeveless option and would like to cover-up choose a shawl, short evening jacket, or wide scarf to complete the look of the night.

White, lace, or sheer styles match the majority of dress styles and designs

August 04 2014


New Jersey Teen Seeks Prom Dress Refund to Pay for Boyfriend's Funeral

Over the phone, owners said "this terrible tragic situation has been spun out of control. Instead they offered credit. Jackie's mom approached the owners of the store for the refund, which is against store policy. denies the accusations.

Click here for more on this story from MyFoxNY. 

Diane and Co. But Jackie's mom said when she showed up to bring the dress back, they were nasty and unsympathetic.

Now her friends have started a Facebook page to call on boycotting the dress store.

. It's not a matter of being vicious or uncompassionate, but we are faced with tragedy all the time. And we weren't given a chance to rectify the situation."

James, Jackie Genovese's boyfriend of two years who was killed in a car accident in New Jersey.

Jackie bought her $1,200 dress at Freehold's Diane and Co., also known for its popular Oxygen show, "Dress Coutoure."

new york evening dress

click here

Jackie is now left with the $1,200 store credit, which she is unsure she will ever use.

teen prom dress

James Volpe, 17, was killed in a two-car crash on the way home from a baseball team dinner on May 13, only a few weeks away from graduation.

Diane and Co. is standing firm on the no refund policy, but has offered to make a donation to a memorial set up in James name.

But tragedy struck last week when her boyfriend of two years was killed in a car accident, MyFoxNY reported.

Like most teenage girls, sophomore Jackie Genovese, 16, of New Jersey, was so excited to attend the prom with her boyfriend that she made plans and purchased her perfect prom dress early. 

newyorkdress prom dresses

She requested a refund for her dress so she could help pay for her boyfriend's funeral


Fashion / Style :: Practical Summer Garden Party Dress Ideas

Chiffon and silk are good options in summer. So, if you will attend a garden party and have no idea about the dress you should choose, it is necessary to know something about garden party dresses.

. If you have no idea about the dress that you should wear for the upcoming garden party, the best thing you can do is look for clues in the invitation. When it comes to a garden party, most people get confused about the attire that they should wear for such a party. The length of the dress can start from ankle length, tea length to floor length which is up to you. When it comes to color, white color may be their first choice for white is a classic color hat most women prefer for a garden party. If you have been invited for a summer garden party, you may want to know something about perfect garden party dresses. Wear simple jewelry like a small chain with an elegant pendant, earrings and bracelet.

Apart from the dress, it is also important to choose appropriate accessories to go with it. However, it can be formal or informal according to the event for which the party is organized. This article will provide you some information on the dresses that you can wear for a wonderful garden party.

Most people may think that garden parties are casual affairs. A fashionable hat is also needed if you want to protect your eyes from the hot sun.

new york prom dress

For women, there are many options to choose from. If such thing is mentioned, the wordings wrote on it can help you in choosing the right dress.

Garden parties are not only tea parties, but are also held for wedding receptions, engagement parties and so on. A pair of flat heeled sandals is recommended. Avoid high sandals or stilettos. The color of your shoes should match with your party dress. Make sure that the dress you choose suits your body shape and should not be too tight.

With the arrival of summer season, garden parties are again in vogue. One of the most important things that have to be carefully considered is the fabric of the dress. Dress with flower prints is also a good choice. Though it is fine to have a sleeved dress for the garden party, dresses which are sleeveless, off the shoulder or that which has a halter neck will go well with the concept of the garden party


5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Dress

Most teenagers still want the approval of their peers so having a friend along can make her feel more comfortable with a fit and style of a gown. Also, many consignment shops are carrying formal wear now, and can be bought for a fraction of the price. If she already has a strapless bra, and shoes she plans on wearing, that saves a lot of hassle and money, but bring them along when shopping for the dress so you can make sure they work with the dress she plans on buying. And, there is also the option of renting gowns now. Camera phones are helpful as well, especially if a friend couldn't come, so she can take a picture and send it to a friend for a peer's opinion. This is especially true if they dress needs a strapless bra. Here are five tips to help you help your teen find the perfect prom dress without losing your mind!

While there are specific stores that just carry formal dresses, be open to other opportunities for prom dresses. David's Bridal online often has casual white dresses that are billed as wedding gowns but are actually fine for formal wear, and are often on sale at an internet only price. The object is to make sure the same dress doesn't show up on more than one prom attendee. I bought a formal gown for a cruise at Dillards in the past for $99 and when it came in it was a perfect fit and I love it.

All in all, prom dress shopping can be a wonderful, or stressful experience, or a little of both. Really...this is an actual rule at some stores, so the earlier you go, the better chance your daughter has of purchasing her favorite dress that no one else from her school that shops at that store will be able to buy. If you only have a certain amount in your budget that you can put toward a prom dress, tell her that, and that she will have to chip in the rest, and buy the accessories as well. It will go a long way in her comfort level of spending a lot of money on a gown she's not sure of, and will also save the head ache of having to return to the store if she decides a few days later that she should have bought it.

1) Start Shopping Early

2) Set a budget

5) Bring a camera phone or her friend

click here

3) Be Open to Looking in Unusual Places

New York Prom Dresses

We started shopping in early May for a senior prom on June 8th. Although you can voice your opinion,you are Mom, and from a different generation. I bought my wedding gown this way, at a time I noticed they even had a $10 off coupon for anything over $100. A teenager would dare not be caught in the same dress two years in a row at the junior and senior proms, so essentially unless they sell the dress afterward, the money will be spent on a formal evening gown for one night. They also have bridesmaids gown and formal wear on sale during internet sales and in the outlet.These gowns can usually be returned if your daughter doesn't like them. Look on the internet for stores near you that rent formal evening wear, or online for rental dresses that can be mailed to you, and returned the same way. They often cost a fraction of the original, sometimes designer costs, and since they will only wear it one night anyway, they won't need to keep it hanging in their closet for eternity!

Watch for sales and markdowns. I got it at a great sale price, with a coupon and loved it! Dillards Department Store has a great selection online at a better price than many formal wear stores. My daughter fell in love with a green print strapless dress on our first day of shopping. And then of course unless there is already a pair of shoes in their closet that will go with the dress, which in most cases is doubtful, the cost of new shoes and new undergarments to enhance the dress must be included. Stores like Macy's have coupons in the newspaper periodically.

4) Look For Sales and Coupons

Prom dresses are now selling for anywhere between $160 to $400. Being prepared ahead of time helps make the experience go much more smoothly, and can reap positive memories between a mother and daughter for years to come.

If possible, bring a friend of hers along. It seemed insane to me that teenage girls, or their parents, are expected to pay this much for a prom dress for one night. This was actually too late. David's Bridal stores have a mark down rack with bridesmaid's dresses on them for a song. Or, if your daughter is working, she may have to buy the dress herself.

Prom dress shopping is an experience I don't wish on any mother of a teenager! I recently went prom dress shopping with my seventeen year old daughter and it was much more complicated than I had ever imagined. Many stores that sell prom dresses now keep track of which school their customers attend, and won't sell more than one of the same dress to a student from the same school. But because someone else from her school had bought the same dress in another print, and two more girls had bought the same dress in solid colors, they thought there would be too many of that dress at the prom and refused to sell it to her.. I don't remember ever having so much trouble finding a prom dress, but then again, times have changed and so have the costs. Discuss the price of the dress early with your daughter. If your daughter doesn't want to shop at the local mall, go an hour outside your area to find a mall that has stores outside of your local area where other girls might not have been as adventurous to explore


Fashion Ideas for Prom Dresses

It's not just your accessories that needs to match but also your date! Looking like an odd pair is the last thing that should happen in this coming perfect evening of wonderful memories.

Minding Your Skin Tone

In order to enhance beauty, try wearing accessories. A prom dress is a formal wear and you should be comfortable with it by now or if you don't really dress up your child then you should at least try formal clothing once in a while to prep them out.

You should also ask your date on the type of clothes he'll be going in. Try them on before the night to see how they really look like.

Take note that not all color goes with the skin tone. Some colors will look great and perfect but some will look horrendous and despicable. If you're a senior year then you know the highlight of that year - the senior prom! Or if you are a parent then you should know that this is something that your child will be expecting this year. You should coordinate with the other and for parents, you should encourage your children to ask what their date will be wearing to the prom. Avoid this by keeping yourself healthy and watch your weight. Remember that the appeal of the dress is rooted from the fit as well, don't ever overlook this one.

The Fit

Communicate. Try to remedy color and tone combination with tanning and hair dying but also remember that it's still going to be a bit off if not done correctly. With accessories, you have the power to dazzle your look even more. Always go for something that matches the dress whether by color or style. This also plays an important role so be mindful of this one. Find colors that work well with your complexion and not against it.

New York Evening dresses

newyorkdress evening dresses

Accessorizing the Look

Here are fashion ideas that will help any senior to looking great in one of the eventful nights this year:

newyorkdress evening dresses

Anything will look good if it fits perfectly. With how eventful this evening is, just be sure that you have the right fashion ideas to look great and feel great. Sometimes, people would buy prom dresses months before and when the night comes the one who wears the dress doesn't fit in it anymore. When it comes to dresses, buy one that really fits for you or daughter

July 25 2014


How to Run a Prom Queen Campaign

Working together is more fun and is more likely to bring success.

Use Facebook and Myspace for a Prom Queen Campaign

Prom queen hopefuls should also start a group or event for their campaign, making sure to post a good head shot of themselves and telling students when and how to vote.

It's important to start early to plan out one's campaign and start getting votes. The prom king and queen usually share a special dance on prom night.

. Put flyers up around school, on lockers, or around the community.

Campaigning is always easier with a team. Make attractive, brightly colored posters with the candidate's name very clearly displayed. However, an effective prom queen campaign is necessary to be elected as prom queen.

Make Prom Queen Campaign Posters and Flyers

Choose friends in different social groups, if possible. If possible, start as soon as the school announces the nomination process.

The prom queen doesn't have to be the most popular, the prettiest, or the smartest girl in her grade. Although it may be tempting to denigrate other candidates, prom queen candidates should always be kind to others and approach their campaign in a professional manner. Also consider choosing people who have certain skills, like art skills or Photoshop abilities, to contribute in specific ways.

Act the Part of a Prom Queen

Prom queen candidates should always act like royalty. Girls should ask their closest friends to help them build a campaign. Girls running for prom queen should mention their campaign in their profiles and should include a short paragraph about what qualifies them for the position.

Talk Prom Dresses: Campaign for Prom Queen

Create a Team to Help Campaign for Prom Queen

new york prom dress

More Information:

Prom queen candidates should always be friendly to others. Ultimately, campaigning for prom queen should be a fun, rewarding experience, no matter who gets the crown on prom night.

Start a Prom Queen Campaign Early

Posters and flyers are an easy way to build name awareness around one's high school and community. They should also ensure that their campaign team acts in a respectful manner.

Prom Dresses, Prom Hairstyles, Prom QueenMany high school girls covet the position of prom queen. This will help one meet new people and earn more votes. Flyers should include a head shot photograph and the candidate's name.

New York Dress

Kidzworld: Becoming Prom King and Queen

Social networking websites represent a great opportunity for building a prom queen campaign. Prom queens and prom kings are elected by the student body, usually the senior class. This helps one's campaign reach more people

July 24 2014


Cost of prom rises, leaving many kids left out

"Several kids opted out of attending due to finances, our daughter included."

Barbara Lowe has been doing that for years. "It's a high school memory and I want it to be positive." To top of page

Although both her parents work, they have been hit hard by the real estate slump in Northern California and lost their home to foreclosure.

"Prom inflation has run amok," Alderman said. In the end, more students attended their party than the prom itself, her mom said.

A recipient of the Simuel Whitfield Simmons' prom gown program, which provides dresses at no cost to high schoolers in need.

new york prom dresses

The reality is that those "midnight masquerades," "enchantments under the sea" and "midsummer night's dreams" have become the latest battleground between the haves and have-nots in this country.

. "Ever more extravagant proms create a cycle of teenagers continuously trying to outdo each other, making the evening more and more expensive."

The Simuel Whitfield Simmons Organization in Somerset, N.J., holds events at local high schools where students designated by the school can pick among dozens of donated dresses.

While some teenagers and their parents are willing to shell out close to $1,000 or more on their junior or senior prom, others, like 16-year-old Emily Butler, simply cannot afford it.

Between tickets, attire, shoes, accessories, flowers, limousines, photographers and after-parties, the average family with a high school student attending the prom spent a whopping $807 this year, according to a recent survey by Visa.

But nearly a quarter of families spent nothing at all -- because they could not afford to let the kids go. Girls want a prom dress and a post-prom dress, some want custom designed gowns. "We had already put aside money for the dress, but the ticket and the location were a bit of a challenge for us," Flot-Warner admitted.

"Her prom was $65 per child just to go to the party, not to mention the dress, shoes, dinner, corsage or boutonniere, etc," Emily's mom, Alicia Sylvia Butler, said.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- It's one of the most celebrated high school experiences, where love is discovered, friendships are fostered and memories are made.

"I think it's important that they get to go to their prom and not feel like they can't afford to go," Lowe said. You might as well call it a wedding."

First Published: June 16, 2011: 5:47 AM ET

Sophia Flot-Warner's daughter, Brionn, was also excluded from her senior prom in Houston because of the cost. Otherwise, "we see teachers sometimes pulling money out of their own pockets to buy dresses for students."

"The prom tickets cost $150 a person and my daughter's date was not a student so she'd have to pay $300 for them to go and that wasn't feasible. "Some people are opting out entirely because times are tight and the social cost of admission is so high now," said Jason Alderman, director of Visa's financial education programs.

As the cost of prom gets increasingly more expensive, fewer kids can afford to go.

As a weak job market, falling home prices and rising inflation take a significant toll on many families' discretionary incomes, the richest Americans are watching their wealth surge, leaving little need to reel in such expensive prom parties.

Samantha Goldberg, an event designer in New Jersey, says that the parties she plans get increasingly more elaborate year after year. Plus the location was over 50 miles away and the kids wanted to take a limo," she explained.

At least that's how prom looks in the movies.

"If money was not an obstacle, a lot of kids would have gone to that party," she added.

Brionn and her friends planned a small-scale party for those students who could not attend their school's pricey prom with donations from parents and student-made decorations. She teaches sewing at North Vigo High School in Terre Haute, Ind., and often alters her students' dresses at no cost or even buys them their prom tickets.

To help alleviate the financial strain of attending the big dance, several small non-profits providing free prom dresses for those in need have popped up across the country.

"After we did our program at Franklin High School last month, we had schools calling us from all over," said founder Natasha Rodgers. "They want tents, lounges, ice sculptures and bars

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